First Name :   Abdie Tabrizi
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Comment :   Greetings, I enjoyed your designs and appreciate your countless hours of work put into these projects. AH Tabrizi Dean Of Math/Science/Engineering Evergreen Valley College San Jose, CA 95135
First Name :   PRAVEEN.V
First Name :   JUSTIN
First Name :   frances
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Comment :   great and different things to look at I score yous 100%
First Name :   Dale
email :
Comment :   Thanks for sharing your beautiful works of artistic engineering. God Speed.
First Name :   Dave
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Comment :   I noticed you were investigating eccentric gearing - theres a place in Warren, MI (I used to work for them) that has a cycloidal gear train that they use for transfer mechanisms - it dwells at the beginning and end of the stroke, and goes fast from point-
First Name :   Martin Alewijn
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Comment :   Interesting engines!
First Name :   Charlie
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Comment :   Interesting site; will have to come here again!
First Name :   sachin wagle
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Comment :   sis please see ASME journal dec 2002 vol 124. you will find a paper on design & simulation of elliptical gears. it is a very nice paper
First Name :   Rodney
email :
Comment :   Ilike your web sight I wood like to bild a test tube engine do you have any plans for barry dunman engin if so can Iby a set. I have bilt 3 hot air engins Thanks Rod.
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