First Name :   Tyrone Hornbuckle
Location :   Cleveland ohio
Comment :   Love my dog pedal but it should come with a warning label or dog cage.
First Name :   JEFF FOGERTY
Location :   Berkeley Californiia
Comment :   Hi Kenny, I wish you all the best, you are a very kind friend. Jeff
First Name :   George
Location :   Carey,Ohio(MT.IDY}
Comment :   I love the GREENwahwah I have for guitar and the White room bass model I use when gigging on 4 or 8-string,Check out and see the new doubleneck Scott Hembry built for me.Thanks,George Bjorling
First Name :   T.Z.
Location :   Brick, NJ
Comment :   Kenny your web site would be the bomb if you had the snarlin dog do the robot.! LOL! Keep on rockin. TZ
First Name :   The Incredible Zam
Location :   Diannes house
Comment :   Hi, First time Ive ever been here. Cool... Love Ya, Me
First Name :   Pat
Location :   Philadelphia
Comment :   Raymond Earl(Bassist) from the 70s Funk Group Instant Funk (#1 single--I Got My Mind Made Up) turned me on to the Dog Pedal. He showed me tracks he created in his Trenton NJ studio using the Dog Pedal(Whoosh!) verses the CryBaby(Wah). The Dog Pedal has a
First Name :   wheels
Location :   hutchinson island, fl
Comment :   yo, you are famous in florida. youre welcome.
First Name :   
Location :   
Comment :   news
First Name :   Ethan
Location :   Western NC
Comment :   Great Peddle, Great stomp boxs and great band, gotta hand it to ya, your great
First Name :   Walter
Location :   Germany /Europe
Comment :   Wah this is very good - hope to see and hear you some day here in Germany
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