First Name :   Walt
Location :   Bishop, CA
Comment :   Heard Smile N Fish play at chilli cookoff. Leader rode in on Harley, ripped leads on Blues Bawls. Had to have one. Arrived today. Makes all my guitars sound better!Really drives 65 Princeton Reverb for blues.
First Name :   50 cen
Location :   UK
Comment :   I like your site because of the very nice posts you have
First Name :   D.S.
Location :   Raibach/Germany
Comment :   ...after a long way with useless whacka-whacka-pads I found my wah-peace upon a black bawl.. greatings d.
First Name :   Chicago City
Location :   Barcelona
Comment :   The site si splendid
First Name :   Alena
Location :   Spain
Comment :   you have very nice guestbook and website
First Name :   Dave Mains
Location :   NeverNeverLand
Comment : I Know you?
First Name :   Bad Dept
Location :   Portugal
Comment :   I found your page by chance but its very interesting
First Name :   Ronnieron
Location :   EDISON,NJ
Comment :   kenny?! whats goin on?...remembered ur website address and figured id just drop a whats up?/hello on ya.gtg 4 now.hope 2 talk 2u sometime in the near future.Ron B.
First Name :   Mark Angelo
Location :   Dartmouth MA.
Comment :   Best Whas out there!!
First Name :   Richard
Location :   Flower Mound tx
Comment :   Wow. I just got the black dog. dude, i love that thing. it sounds really cool after a wah and rat. Cool songs too. You should make a higher gain pedal too
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