First Name :   Felicia
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Comment :   Merry Christmas family!! I miss you guys and love you to pieces!! Hope to talk to you soon. Avalon, I hope you have a fun holiday.
First Name :   Elizabeth
URL :   
Comment :   I hope you are feeling better sweetheart. Give your sissies a big hug and kiss for me! I love you!
First Name :   Autumn Fryer,RN
Comment :   I had the amazing priviledge of meeting avalon for the very first time on her admission this november. Even through a somewhat scary ordeal for any other 3 year old, she sat on her mommys lap at midnight and took it all in stride. Of course, life on J5 is
First Name :   Marion
Comment :   Hi, Avalon! I check your website at least once a day! You have such a super mom. I hope you are feeling better. My daughter, Jameson, has leukemia, too. We think you are so beautiful.
First Name :   chrissy rn
Comment :   thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. i miss and love you guys so much. you are always in my thoughts and prayers.
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